Help with the Status Line and Keyboard of the Magic Designer Windows Program

The status line is divided into 6 subfields (from left to right):

  1. Bx,y: The pixel position of the corner the ellipse. Note that it could be the any of the 4 corners.
  2. Ex,y: The pixel position of the opposite to Bx,y corner of the ellipse. Remember that this ellipse represents a virtual paper. These pixel positions can be negative if you zoom. It is also possible to band an ellipse into negative numbers. The point 0.0 is the upper left corner of the Drawing area. Unless you resize the program, the bottom right corner is 575, 575. What is shown in this image results when the user presses the Max circle button.
  3. This field is set whenever the mouse is in the drawing window area. It is the current mouse position. When you leave the drawing window the field is not updated. However, if holding down the mouse button in the process of banding an ellipse, this field is continually updated.
  4. This shows: 'selected of total' designs. It will show 0 of 0 is there is no designs. And unless one uses the Prev or Next buttons, these two numbers will always be the same. When pressing the blue circle button, the selected design can be seen.
  5. This is the size of the Undo stack. Every time you press Undo it moves the design from the total just mentioned. Since the total works like a queue and the Undo is a stack, it is possible to reorder the sequence that the designs are drawn. When you press Redo, it draws the last design which was Undo.
  6. This is a general message field. Here is a list of all the messages:

Of the 18 buttons in the application, 13 of them have keyboard shortcuts. Painted on these buttons is a hint to what these are. Here is a list:

 The main usefulness of giving these functions above keyboard shortcuts, is so that you can use most of Magic Designer in this full screen mode. The buttons that are not given keyboard shortcuts are those which would not make sense. For example, Edit and Draw rely upon seeing what is in the controls. And typically before Edit, one would press Current. So if the design is only visible in full screen mode, one can quickly toggle to it, and toggle back and do the Editing and then Draw. And even though you may not see it being drawn, when toggling back to full screen, it may be visible.